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Though Pedestrian is the most important constituent of traffic. he belongs to the high risk group on road. In order to remain safe pedestrians should cultivate the habit of using road infrastructure in proper manner. Subways, Zebra Crossings, foot over bridges should be used to cross the road. Short cuts and easy options of crossing roads can be dangerous and should not be resorted to.
Simple actions on road will keep you safe:

  • Walk with care.
  • Look towards oncoming traffic.
  • Never assume that driver has seen you when you are about to cross the road, it is your responsibility to save yourself.
  • Avoid crossing road where drivers may not be able to see you.
  • Wait for suitable gap in the traffic flow before crossing the road.
  • Never jump over the divider railings. You may tumble on to the traffic.
  • Always hold hands of children while crossing the road.
  • Avoid using roads for morning walks and jogging.
  • Take extra care if you have to cross the road on or near a crest or curve.
  • Avoid crossing road between parked cars.
  • Crossing road by the shortest and most direct route reduces your time on road.