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The Ministry is increasingly concerned about the rapid escalation of the road safety crisis in the country which now kills 1.38 lakh people every year. Road crash injury is a major but neglected public health issue. Urgent action is now required not only at the administrative level but also at the community level to reverse the growing mortality rate that affects mainly young people.

The Ministry is already active and committed in the field of road safety; we are mobilizing stakeholders to participate in the process of improving road safety both within their system and in partnership with the Ministry to create awareness especially among young people and the wider public.
The basic challenge of road safety is the need to change the behaviour of road users, to ensure that roadways are a shared public space to be used by varied means of transport especially in the Indian context 
What happens on the roads concerns us all. We must act without delay. The Ministry is ready to do more and do better with the private sector, civil society, communities and organizations and invites suggestions on how we can inculcate better road use behaviour among the masses .

In the past years the Ministry has undertaken several schemes and initiatives to work towards making our roads safer.